Technology Sheets

Impact Hammer Test (TAP Testing)

Tap testing, also known as modal testing, is an experimental method that is used to excite the machine-tool system in order to extract its harmonic information such as natural frequencies, modal masses, modal damping ratios and mode shapes.  This is normally done in static conditions, using the impact hammer as the excitation mechanism, and an accelerometer as the sensor.  In theory, the tool t

Evaluation of machining calculation solutions

If some machining simulation software already exists, it should be tested extensively to determine whether it can be adapted for use in the industrial context. Machining is a complex process involving a large number of parameters. It therefore requires a lot of testing. In this context, the company Third Wave Systems has provided Cetim with two software packages, each with different functionalities. Production Module is a piece of software designed to cut cycle time and reduce forces on the tool. It demonstrated that it was possible, for various materials and machining operations, to save time and lower the forces exerted on the tool. Advantedge is dedicated to simulating machining. This software was subject to an analysis of turning of TA6V under a range of different conditions. The results revealed some promising tendencies, which it would be helpful to analyse in greater detail, with the aim of improving performance.