Cutting fluids - Good practices guide

Designed from various results of Cetim's generic and sectorial R&D, this guide is composed of a set of sheets which aim at providing good practices in the field of cutting fluids.

As machining covers a vast family of processes for manufacturing parts by removing chips of different sizes and generating friction as well as heat responsible for the degradation of machine tools, it is indeed essential for the actors of the industrial mechanics sector to understand this technique as well as possible in order to have a maximum of information to optimize their control in this field and to obtain high precision parts. Among other things, it deals with raw materials, the various risks, the evolution of the product in service, good practices for use and internal organisation within companies. This guide provides an exhaustive list of the risks associated with cutting fluids throughout their use within industrial structures, inventories and describes good practices for reducing and correcting the degradation and contamination of cutting fluids, integrates indicators to evaluate the performance of the fluid and its HSE impact while reducing and controlling the risks inherent in the latter, and finally, through its various recommendations, contributes to the improvement of working conditions.

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