SME Vouchers

Posted on: Thu, 07/11/2019 - 15:55 By: adminucd

Analysis & Conception Voucher for cooperation projects with companies from the Interreg Machining 4.0 consortium.

This voucher will grant the recipient expert analysis of their existing products, processes, services, procedures & methods  

As a result of this analysis, practical integration and validation activities could be carried out within the recipients business. 
Consecutive combinations of analysis and integration will be eligible within the voucher system.

Within the voucher system's permitted research activities, the purchase of hardware or already available software & software licenses will not be eligible.

The content of the planned project addresses the field of Machining and is oriented towards the innovation platform of the Machining 4.0 consortium. The expected benefits must be tangible and relevant to the founded company, with a clear link to an important business challenge e.g. cost reduction, delivery improvement, quality improvements, etc.

The funded company must be open to share all relevant Information and learnings with the Machining 4.0 consortium and other companies through presentations, publications, fact sheets and company visits. The funded company must be open to a long term follow up of the project.

Funding includes services and support, no money is paid directly to your company.

You will need to upload a completed Article 28 GBER Declaration at the end of the form which you can download from here.

Company Details:
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Your Name:
Do you have machining activities within your company?
Is your company an SME, according to the European guidelines?
Is your company open for long term follow up of the effects of the project ?
Is your company open to share their learning with other companies, for example, through presentations, publications, company visits, workshops, etc…?
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