The Machining 4.0 Project Toolkit

Machining in North-West Europe

Machining (turning, drilling, milling) is a manufacturing process where dedicated tools are used to remove material from a workpiece to obtain the desired shape. The NWE machining sector comprises 6800 SMEs with 135.000 FTE and generates €24 billion turnover. This sector has innovated too little recently, resulting in a decreased turnover (4%) and employment (5%) and delocalization of machining of large series to low-wage countries.

Project Outputs

The project aimed to increase the knowledge level of machining SMEs and transform them into more innovative enterprises by transferring knowledge on innovative technologies, stimulating hands-on experimentation and supporting the transformation process.

Industrial and Information Technologies

This online toolkit has been created to provide free, long-term access to specialized knowledge and innovative technology demonstrators created during the project. These include:

  • Over 90 technology sheets introducing innovative topics relevant to machining organisations
  • Videos explaining 12 demonstrator applications developed during the project to translate the broad Industry 4.0 vision into tangible applications with high potential for machining
  • Virtual tours of the project partners’ transnational fieldlab, and descriptions of the equipment and expertise available
  • Testimonials from SME’s who availed of project supports, describing the benefits delivered for them


1000 SMEs acquired knowledge on innovative machining technologies, 250 SMEs experimented with new technologies and collaborated with R&D partners and 50 SMEs received intensive business support. This increases the knowledge/innovation level for machining in NWE.