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Vouchers for expert support from the Interreg Machining 4.0 consortium

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What could you accomplish with €12,000 worth of expert assistance? You can find examples of companies that availed of the Voucher Scheme already here in our testimonials section.

Small and medium manufacturing companies can receive free expert support through the ‘Voucher Scheme’ of the Machining4.0 project.  This support includes analysis work and advice related to the products, processes, services, procedures and methods of the company in receipt of the voucher.  The maximum value of a voucher is €12,000 (100% subsidized) and can be used to source expert knowledge from the project consortium members. Funding includes services and support of the consortium, but no money is paid directly to your company.

The consortium can grant only 50 vouchers and the voucher application procedure will be closed once all the vouchers have been granted.

Key eligibility criteria:

  • The company must be a small or medium enterprise (SME). (see definition: )
  • The content of the voucher addresses the field of “Machining4.0”. This can include technical aspects or organisational aspects (e.g. production planning).
  • The expected benefits must be tangible and relevant to the funded company, with a clear link to an important business challenge e.g. cost reduction, delivery improvement, quality improvements, etc.
  • The funded company must be open to share their learnings with the Machining 4.0 consortium and other companies.

You will need to upload a completed Article 28 GBER Declaration at the end of the form which you can download from here.

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